This is a comprehensive list of all studio albums of Gisle's projects released so far.

Ugress albums Edit

Ugress - Resound Resound
Length: 52:28   |   2002
Ugress - Passion La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc
Length: 44:28   |   2003
Ugress - Cinematronics Cinematronics
Length: 48:04   |   2004
CowboyDesperadoCover Cowboy Desperado
Length: 43:09   |   2005
FilmMusic Film Music - Selected Cues 2002-2006
Length: 66:32   |   2006
Ugress - Unicorn Unicorn
Length: 38:08   |   January 2008

Other albums Edit

Shadow Of The Beat - Nanokaravan Nanokaravan   by Shadow Of The Beat
Length: 46:13   |   May 2006

See also Edit

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