Bit Collapse
Ninja9000 - Bit Collapse
EP by Ninja 9000
Released September 10 2007 | [TL]
Recorded 2007
Genre 8-bit
Length 20:42
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Bit Collapse is the first known EP for the Ninja 9000, released September 10th 2007.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Commander Moira (Club Ninja Edit) [04:39]
  2. Live The Future (Collapse Edit) [04:10]
  3. Katoku Pokus [05:38]
  4. The Malice Of Time (Game Über Edit) [02:30]
  5. Darkscar (Secret bonus track) [03:45]

The Secret TrackEdit

Spoiler warning: Following details may spoil surprises for you. Continue at your own risk.

Bit Collapse contains a secret track called Darkscar [03:45].

The URL to the track is hidden in Data Matrix code at the bottom right corner of the back cover. To decode this, there's the Semacode decoder application for mobile phones. After the software has been installed, a picture of the Data Matrix block should be taken. The Semacode application will decode it into a URL to the track. There are also some functional Semacode readers for the PC, available for free download.

Users who can't get the Semacode reader to work on a PC or don't have a camera phone will have to fiddle around; the logic of the URLs (and especially the filenames) for the tracks are the same. Thus, knowing the name of the extra track should make it reasonably easy to guess its URL.

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