Complex Instincts [04:55] is an Ugress track, that appeared on the never-released Loungemeister LP, and was re-released on the digital EP Loungemeister EP in 2008. The track is also one of the Bonus tracks for Unicorn.

The samples used in this track are taken from the 1997 horror/sci-fi movie Event Horizon, the 1987 horror/sci-fi movie Prince of Darkness and the sci-fi movie Lost in Space (1998).


Lost in SpaceEdit

Evil knows evil

Event HorizonEdit

I thought it said "liberate me"...
"Save me."
But it's not "me"
It's "liberate tutemet"...
"Save yourself."
And it gets worse.

I think...
That says "ex inferis."
"Save yourself...
from hell."

Unknown originEdit

How I love listening to your sweet prayers every night
When you jump in your bed
So afraid I was under there
And I was!

Prince of DarknessEdit

A life form is growing out of pre-biotic fluid.
It's not winding down into disorder.
It's self-organizing.
Nothing... anywhere ever is supposed
to be able to do what it is doing.
It's becoming something.

Without the technology to confirm
it would have been another legend

Event HorizonEdit

I think...
That says "ex inferis."
"Save yourself...
from hell."

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