Cowboy Desperado
Compilation album by Ugress
Released November 14th 2005 | [TL]
Genre Electronic
Length 43:09
Label Tuba Records/Port Azur
Ugress chronology
Cowboy Desperado
Sophisticated Wickedness

Cowboy Desperado is an Ugress retrospective album. It features tracks from both Cinematronics and Resound. The only new track to this album is Spider Eyes, a remix of the Spider-Man Theme.

The album was discontinued on October 24th 2007.[citation needed]

Track ListingEdit

  1. Manhattan Sapphire [03:56]
  2. Makina Fifth [04:06]
  3. Cowboy Desperado [04:54]
  4. Binary Code [02:44]
  5. Bad Dreams Come True [04:43]
  6. Spider Eyes (Spider-Man Theme) [03:02]
  7. Queen Of Darkness [06:03]
  8. Trigger 22 [04:45]
  9. Shadows And Doubts [03:53]
  10. Rainy Transylvanian Day [05:03]

Album ArtEdit


Cowboy Desperado inlay.

While both Resound and Cinematronics have relatively bland inlays, Cowboy Desperado features a sparkling ensemble of Bollywood-style promotional posters.

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