The B Vault track by Ugress
Released January 28th 2008 | [TL]
Genre Dark electronica
Length 5:15
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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E-Nerve [05:15] is an Ugress track from The B Vault web extras.

The vocal samples in the beginning of the track talk about the Arecibo Observatory message. This sample is taken from the 1995 horror/Sci-Fi movie Species according to The track also contains a sample from the 1995 sci-fi movie Escape from L.A.

"Lyrics" Edit

From SpeciesEdit

'In November of 1974, a small group from SETI, S.E.T.I. search for extra terrestial intelligence used a radio dishes at Arecibo to send out a message to whoever might be listening. They sent about a quarter of a kilobyte including structure of human DNA, a map of our solarsystem, population of the earth, helpful facts like that.'

'In Januari of 1993 Arecibo recived a message back, from an extra terrestial, unknown source'

From Escape from L.A.Edit

Like the mighty fist of God, Armageddon will descend upon the city of Los Angeles, the city of Sin, the city of Gomorra, the city of Sodom! ... and waters will arise and separate this sinful, sinful city from our country!

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