Studio album by Ugress
Released 2002 | [TL]
Genre Electronic
Length 19:47
Label Ulyd
Ugress chronology
Ugress Promo EP

This article is about the EP. For the track, go to E-Pipe (track).

E-Pipe was the debut EP of Ugress. It was a limited edition vinyl release, with 300 copied released in 2000. The EP was re-released was re-released as a digital EP in the Digital download store in 2008. Both the original vinyl release and the digital re-release have the same tracklisting.

Track listing Edit

  1. E-Pipe (Radio Edit) [03:25]
  2. Tom Baxter [05:38]
  3. E-Pipe (Oh Yeah Right Version) [06:14]
  4. Jeffrey (E-Rik Remix) [04:30]

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