EP by Nebular Spool
Released March 1st 2007 | [TL]
Genre Electronic
Length 32:17
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Exposery is the fist album of the Nebular Spool music project. It was unnamed untill the release of the second album, when the name Exposery was revealed together with a cover image and credits.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Zombie Viking Amazone [02:45]
  2. The Great Coffee Escape [02:50]
  3. Hairstyles Of The Dead And Buried [02:26]
  4. I Want But Replicant [02:15]
  5. Heresy [02:45]
  6. Swamp Women Time Ago [02:33]
  7. Huzun Horizon [02:43]
  8. Taboo [02:24]
  9. Slow Motion Split Second Decision [02:46]
  10. Tom Is Not My Friend [02:38]
  11. Oceanseas Of Waterterrain [02:40]
  12. Dementia [03:32]


The info page for the album gives cretits for the music to GMM and for the artwork to Kladden.

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