Gisle is a man with strong opinions on copyright law and the record industry. In the "about" page in the journal he writes the following:

I am a strong and outspoken opponent of DRM. I am very intrigued by sampling and all of its cultural aspects - since deep down everything is sampling - and I have an uncanny faith in technology and the possibilties within. I am not fond of piracy, but I do have a realistic sense, I see how the world works and why it happens. I am dedicated to working WITH technology, not against it, finding a model that works for everyone and makes piracy irrelevant and unnecessary.[1]


Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the arch-enemy of Gisle. As stated in the journal:

And my hopes, dear reader, is that DRM goes the same way. Straight to hell.[2].

On the practical side, none of his albums are pestered with DRM, and all the tracks in the Digital download store are in a DRM-free MP3-format.


On the matter of piracy, Gisle (trying to make a living of his music) is a bit more reluctant, but as he states:

If there is to be a limit to how much you share, the limit should be transparent/invisible to everyday users looking to share with friends, but cumbersome for individuals intending to mass-pirate. And in my humble but brilliant opinion; the easiest way to make it difficult to mass-pirate, is to make it unnecessary to pirate.[3]

In another post, he writes:

Piracy is not good. I agree. Conscience and information regarding possibilities and responsibilities in a digital world is important.[4]

On the Ugress website, he has the following to say about piracy:

Oh, and by the way, if you bought the albums - it's ok to fileshare them (*). If, however, you are in the opposite situation and downloaded the music thru fileshare, and you really like it - please consider purchasing an album. Either here or in the store. It means I can make another without selling my body parts or robbing banks.

(*) But within the legal limits set by laws in your country, of course.[5]

The Norwegian campaign Piracy Kills Music is not supported by Gisle, although they falsified his support on their leaflets.[6]

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