IRC channels are available for Gislewiki and general pap. Come hang around and idle!

Our channel is #gislewiki on Freenode (

Clients Edit

To access our IRC channel, you will need a client. If you have a Mozilla-based browser (e.g. Firefox), we recommend installing ChatZilla, a browser extension IRC client.

On other occasions, you might want to consider mIRC, X-Chat or Pidgin.

If you don't want to install anything, you can log in online by using either Wikia's own IRC client or Mibbit, both being free and running simply in your browser, with no downloads necessary.

Channel Values Edit

  • Respect. No personal attacks, no racism, no discrimination or insults.
  • Relation. When people discuss issues on Gislewiki, try not to interfere with random chat.
  • Resolution. There is no such thing as a dumb question, nor one that doesn't merit an answer.
  • Restrainment. Do not flood. If the going gets too tough, everybody needs to cool down.
  • Retainment. We hope you enjoy yourself at our channel!

We also welcome bots to our channel, as long as they are not abusive. Floodbots will be shamelessly kickbanned on sight.

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