Heidi Marie Vestrheim
Heidi Marie, by Gisle
Background information
Born 1977 (Øystese, Norway)
Occupation(s) Vocalist

Heidi Marie Vestrheim (b. 1977, Øystese, Norway) is a vocalist and a songwriter. She has contributed to the production of Unicorn as both.

Biography Edit

In 2000, she released her first album, with Atakama; a Norwegian electronic band. 2 years later, after intense touring, they went their separate ways.

She kicked off her own label, and released her first EP, "Pigs" in 2003. Her debut album "Signs and Fiction" was released in 2004, and a second album "Beautiful Houses" was released in Norway November 2006.

Since her first album, Heidi Marie has been a fulltime musician; writing, recording, touring in Norway and Germany, and running her label, Blue Box records. Heidi Marie toured China in September 2007.

Uncanny Discography Edit

  1. Lost In Time [02:39]
  2. He Is My Listener [05:02]