Journals Of GMM
A blog post showing Gisle's panic-time graph.
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Created by Gisle Martens Meyer
Launched May 19th 2006

Journals Of GMM is Gisle's blog, where he posts updates on his personal life, Uncanny Planet, undergoing projects, copyright law/DRM and steampunk. It's still seemingly at a beta stage.

Old version Edit


Old journal layout

The current version of the journal is the second one. The journal was updated February 7th 2007.

The old version had a great green bar on the top of the page, with a white and a much smaller logo. Old version didn't have a comments feature, and as such, no user system either. It didn't have a search function, and all permanent links to posts were long arrays of untangible gibberish.

The old version also featured two polls, one asking what bitrate would people appreciate if they were to buy MP3's directly from Gisle, other asking about the importance of VBR. These polls were taken down with the facelift. The old version displayed Norwegian names for days and months in blog timestamps; weekdays are not displayed at all in the new version, and English month names were introduced.

A tag cloud was added to the right sidebar, and sidebar windows were made more seperate and have gray backgrounds in the facelift.

Blog releases Edit

Several tracks have been released through the journal, not associated with any album, EP or such compilation at all.