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Kriminal Muzak
EP by Spokelseskladden
Released 2004 | [TL]
Genre Electronica
Length 19:20

Kriminal Muzak [19:20] is an EP by Spokelseskladden from 2004.

Track listing Edit

  1. Follow Up [01:21]
  2. Lieutenant Jones [0:54]
  3. TGV Decoder [02:24]
  4. El Condor Russia [03:12]
  5. Demurgical [01:25]
  6. Evil Dr. Disco [01:23]
  7. The Prettiest Girl [01:56]
  8. Peter Krank [01:15]
  9. Love Lets You Fall [01:53]
  10. Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde And Me [01:25]
  11. Emergency Exit [02:08]

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