The setup in Nomad.

Venue: Nomad World Pub Project: Ugress
Location: Minnesota, USA When: February 28th 2008 10:00 PM (UTC-5)
On stage: Gisle Martens Meyer, Hans Igor

The February 28th 2008 live show was the first show of Ugress ever to be in the United States. It was held in Nomad World Pub as a part of the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts.

The entire span of the show was documented in the journal; from the ticket booking to the flight to Gisle's and Igor's stay in America to the aftermath. The trip was also photographed, and a Flickr set was made.

Most live shows are also captured on video, however this time neither Gisle or Igor had the time to set up any cameras, and thus no footage is available of the show.

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