Gisle on stage. Photo by Eivind Senneset.


Promotional posters on a pillar.

Venue: Landmark Project: Ugress
Location: Bergen, Norway When: June 7th 2008
On stage: Gisle Martens Meyer, Hans Igor Schnellkayak

The June 7th 2008 live show was held at the Landmark art hall. It was the first Ugress gig in Bergen for years.

On May 15th 2008 a blog post with an accompanying Flickr set was released, documenting the production and distribution of promotional posters for the event. The posters are black, with a big white Ugress logo, and underneath it simply saying in light yellow grunge text "Landmark 7. Juni". The poster was reported to be made with "The Incredible Steampunk Printer".[1]

The show was photographed by Eivind Senneset and filmed by Svein Sund. Photographs were released on Flickr a few per day, starting on June 19th, and ending on the 21st. Video footage has not yet been released.[2]

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