Ugress - Resound
Resound track by Ugress
Released 2002 | [TL]
Genre Electronica
Length 5:11
Label Tuba Records/Port Azur
Also on Port Azur Sampler #1
Loungemeister LP
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This article is about the track. For the LP, go to Loungemeister.

Loungemeister [05:11] is an Ugress track, that appeared on the Loungemeister LP and later on on Resound. The one-line sample "We need an expert in computers" is taken from the 1969 action/comedy The Italian Job, and the sample "Groovy" at around 4:30 is from the 1992 horror/fantasy/action move Army of Darkness.

The indroductory part:

All right, is everybody ready YEAH!
Alright now, here we go

can quite possibly be taken from the track Nationowl by Dr. Dre.

The line:

Just throw your hands in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care

can be taken from many sources, quite possibly Back Up Off Me by Dr. Dre & Ed Lover f. T-Money

The line:

How low can you go
is sampled from Bring the Noize by Public Enemy.

Alternate versions Edit

Three alternate versions of Loungemeister exists:

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