Manhattan Sapphire
Ugress - Cinematronics
Cinematronics track by Ugress
Released 2004 | [TL]
Genre Electronica
Length 3:56
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Manhattan Sapphire [03:56] is a track from the Ugress album Cinematronics, and also is the first track on Cowboy Desperado. Manhattan Sapphire can be freely downloaded from the Ugress website.

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Gisle's cameo in the Manhattan Sapphire video.

Music video 
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The music video follows a couple on their journey towards their marriage. The girl - Jasmin Diwali, is apparently from a rich family. She falls in love with Ali Maday, the family's gardener. Jasmin's father objects to this, and chases Ali through various places including a garden and a market. After they reach a waterfall, Ali demonstrates his dancing skills and the father accepts him into the family. The video ends with Jasmin and Ali's marriage. The video is shot in a traditional Bollywood fashion complete with B-class chroma key shots.

Gisle makes a cameo appearance in the video, as seen in the picture on the left.

Alternate VersionsEdit

An alternate version, Manhattan Sapphire (Web Edit) [03:40] is available for download on the Ugress Free download page

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