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The Igor wearing an M-sized T-shirt.

Ugress-branded merchandise was made available for purchase on January 23rd 2008. Dark blue T-shirts with the Ugress skull logo flocked in white on front were held for several days in customs, making them late for the Unicorn preorders. The Igor has been left with the burdens of organizing the merch.

Apparently, T-shirt sales quickly turned into profit, and as the small order is running low, a new batch was promised to make it in time for the Landmark live show on June 7th 2008.[1] However, they didn't make it.

On June 25th 2008 a refined automatic store system for merchandise as well as for CDs and vinyls was announced, called Uncanny Planet Mall.[2] Although no official link was given, the URL - - can be seen in the screenshot. However, since the mall is in beta stage, the website has been locked with a .htaccess password system. The announcement post called in for beta testers to test payment functions with credit cards and PayPal. Testers flocked in very quickly - already on the 27th, 47 hours after the initial post, it was announced that no more beta testers were needed.

T-shirt sizes Edit

The following sizes have been made available. H means height from the bottom of the neck to the hem, W the flat width just below the Ugress logo.

  • Women's fit S: H50 W39
  • Women's fit M: H50 W42
  • Normal S: H58 W48
  • Normal M: H60 W48
  • Normal L: H62 W48
  • Normal XL: presumably H64 W48