Nebular Spool
Nebular Spool logo.
Background information
Origin Bergen, Norway
Genre(s) Lofi retro-organic steampunk
Years active 2007, 2008
Label(s) Uncanny Planet Records

Nebular Spool is a musical project of Gisle, mainly playing easy and lofi music.


In the blog post introducing Nebular Spool, it was implied that the tracks of Nebular Spool were sent to the Uncanny Planet office on a dirty DVD, accompanied by the text:

I much only walk alone, not much choice… Everyone differently now dead. On one of my solitary voyages to the ruins of urban landscape I found a half of portable computer buried in sand. It was rusted and full with the scratches, the broken screen, but it seemed intact.

I brought back it to the laboratory and indeed it started with the power starting from my generator. The computer was full with the noises and with strange samples, loosely organized together in the folders called hidden. There was also a visual file of television, one documentary about the fall of civilization. I think that it has mockumentary, because the details of the apocalypse in the documentary one were far from my own experiment and it was full with the fictitious characters. I organized the noises in with formed album and now I listen to this music when I walk my long voyages along the abandoned roads.
However the facts that Uncanny hasn't ever solicited demos and that Nebular Spool tracks are available in the Library contradict this theory. Also, on the May 2007 progress report Gisle admitted that "Granted, 10-12 of those [sketches for tracks] ended up in the Nebular Spool side-project".

On the 20th of july 2008 another blog post revealed the release of the second Nebular Spool album, Ruins, also this time claiming that the material mysteriously appeared:

Another of the mysterious Nebular Spools has come into our possession. Suddenly appearing where nothing can appear, this spool of lo-fi, retro-organic deadscapes materializes itself. As usual, a cryptic, machine-typed note was all left for explanation.

However, the information page for the album states:

Credits: Music by GMM

Along with the release of the second album came the domain, and also a cover and a name for the first album was revealed to be Exposery. The info-page for this album also credits the music to GMM.


Exposery (2007)

  1. Zombie Viking Amazone [02:45]
  2. The Great Coffee Escape [02:50]
  3. Hairstyles Of The Dead And Buried [02:26]
  4. I Want But Replicant [02:15]
  5. Heresy [02:45]

Ruins (2008)

  1. Biomechanical Empress [01:30]
  2. Perimeter Probe [03:12]
  3. The River Ghost Incident [04:08]
  4. Frozen Reflections [02:18]
  5. Lypsic Strategem Decoded [04:48]

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