The Shadow Vault track by Shadow Of The Beat
Released January 28th 2008 | [TL]
Recorded 2001
Genre Dark electronica
Length 4:27
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Necrotica [04:27] is a Shadow Of The Beat track from the digital release The Shadow Vault. It was made in 2001, but not released before 2008 as a part of The Shadow Vault.

The samples used in this track are taken from the 1997 Horror/Sci-fi movie Event Horizon, the 1998 horror movie Phantoms and an unknown movie (possibly an english version of The Piano Teacher).

Lyrics Edit

Event HorizonEdit

Look, if what Dr Weir
tells us is true,
this ship has been beyond
the boundaries of our universe,
of known scientific reality.
Who knows where it's been,
what it's seen
and what it's brought back with it?

You'll never be alone again.
You're with me now.
You're with me

Unknown originEdit

Evil will descend upon us!
We must prepare to defend the chamber!


If I'm to tell the world
I need to see!
All of you!
Not just the ...
You wonder what's going on in there?
What they don't understand,
is that death is for more good.
Gods have nothing to fear.
Show yourself!

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