Ugress - Resound
Studio album by Ugress
Released 2002 | [TL]
Genre Electronic
Length 52:28
Label Tuba Records/Port Azur
Ugress chronology
La Passion De Jeanne D'Arc
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Resound is the first Ugress studio album and a breakthrough for Gisle, selling gold (more than 20,000 copies) in Norway.

People who have bought Resound have access to a bonus area on the Ugress website. There they can download additional tracks (an altenative version of Loungemeister, live versions of Reason to Believe and Trigger 22 plus the tracks Time Travel and Turning Wheel), download a video and read production notes.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Spider-Man Theme [04:13]
  2. Queen Of Darkness [06:13]
  3. E-Pipe [04:19]
  4. Reason To Believe [05:00]
  5. Decepticons [05:19]
  6. Loungemeister [05:10]
  7. Falling [04:35]
  8. Autumn Colours [04:40]
  9. Trigger 22 [04:45]
  10. Kaleido Scope [04:29]
  11. Atlantis Coastguard Corruption [03:45]

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