EP by Nebular Spool
Released July 20th 2008 | [TL]
Genre Electronic
Length 28:46
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Ruins is the second album of the Ugress side project, Nebular Spool. It was released in a blog post on the July 20th 2008, having supposedly mysteriously appeared with a cryptic, machine typed note, saying:

Deeper into the ruins there are found more broken computers. Some are fragment, some are whole, others are skeleton. There is not much time for me to spend on else, so I set them all together again as possible. I discover only more of the music noises and the visual stories about the collapse. They look made up.

I like to compose the pieces complete, and play on my mechanical speaker at the night fire. They are broken memories, but so are my time.

The album is available for free in 160 kbps mp3 format, and a 320 kbps high quality mp3 version can be bought at the Digital download store. The high quality album can also be bought as one single seamlessly combined mp3 file.

Track listingEdit

  1. Biomechanical Empress [01:30]
  2. Perimeter Probe [03:12]
  3. The River Ghost Incident [04:08]
  4. Frozen Reflections [02:18]
  5. Lypsic Strategem Decoded [04:48]
  6. Antifaith [01:40]
  7. The Can Opener Monologue [02:21]
  8. Sleepless [01:51]
  9. Texturons [03:13]
  10. Abandoned Supermarket Muzak [05:02]
  11. Campfire Story For One [02:58]
  12. Ruins [05:46]


The info page for the album gives credits for the music to GMM, and Lori Nix is credited for the artwork.

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