Scared Away
Miscellaneous release by Shadow Of The Beat
Released July 27th 2002 | [TL]
Genre Dark electronica
Length 7:18
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Scared Away [07:18] is a Shadow Of The Beat track from 2001. It was first released in 2002 on a Port Azur sampler, and a bit later for free on the SOTB website. In 2008 it was re-released as a part of The Shadow Vault. The track features samples from the horror movie The Evil Dead (1981).

Public has been asking Gisle about the origins this track, resulting in an entry in the FAQ at the Ugress website.

"Lyrics" Edit

It has been a number of years since I began excavating the ruins of Candar with a group of my colleagues. Now my wife and I have retreated to a small cabin in the solitude of these mountains. Here I continued my research undisturbed by the myriad distractions of modern civilization and far from the groves of academe. I believe I have made a significant find in the Candarian Ruins. A volume of Ancient Sumarian burial practices and funerary incantations. It is entitled "Morturom Demonto"- roughly translated, "Book of the Dead". The book is bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. It deals with demons and demon resurrection and those forces which roam the forest and dark bowers of man's domain. The first few pages warn that these enduring creatures may lie dormant but are never truly dead. They may be recalled to active life through the incantations presented in this book.

I know now that my wife has become host to a Candarian demon. I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of bodily dismemberment. I believe now to avoid this horror, but for myself, I have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods and I have no doubt that whatever I have resurrected through this book is sure to come calling... for me.

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