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Shadow Of The Beat
Shadow Of The Beat logo.
Background information
Origin Bergen, Norway
Genre(s) Dark electronica
Years active 2002-present
Label(s) Uncanny Planet Records

Shadow Of The Beat (often abbreviated SOTB) is a dark electronic musical project of Gisle's, and also the only one of Gisle's sideprojects to have a complete website, probably on account of having released a physical CD - Nanokaravan.

A second Shadow Of The Beat album has been hinted various times in the journal.[citation needed]


Nanokaravan (2006)

  1. Nervous Rain [01:52]
  2. Kalaallit Nunaat Daquiri [04:19]
  3. Last Woman On Earth [03:29]
  4. Propaganda [04:27]
  5. Kyoto 02 AM [04:08]

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