Sophisticated Wickedness
EP by Ugress
Released February 2006 | [TL]
Genre Electronica
Length 13:11
Label Uncanny Planet Records
Ugress chronology
Cowboy Desperado
Sophisticated Wickedness

Sophisticated Wickedness is the first free Ugress EP. Unlike all other EPs so far, this one has five tracks instead of four. However, due to Mambo Fatale Rendezvous and Business Below being both only 1:40, this EP isn't significantly longer than any other of the EPs.

Track listingEdit

  1. Questionable Lifestyle Montage [03:41]
  2. Armada Of Evil Intentions [02:29]
  3. Mambo Fatale Rendezvous [01:40]
  4. Business Below [01:40]
  5. The Streetwalker [03:41]

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