Spokelseskladden logo from its website.
Background information
Origin Bergen, Norway
Genre(s) Simplistic electronica
Years active 2004-present
Label(s) Uncanny Planet Records

Spokelseskladden is a simplistic electronica musical sideproject of Gisle's. Spokelseskladden has so far only released one EP in 2004, called Kriminal Muzak. As opposed to other projects, Spokelseskladden has only briefly been mentioned in Gisle's journal once.

Origins of nameEdit

Spøkelseskladden is the Norwegian name for a fictional character in Disney comics, known in English as The Phantom Blot. He is an enemy of Mickey Mouse. He first appeared in the Mickey Mouse comic strip adventure Mickey Mouse Outwits The Phantom Blot by Floyd Gottfredson, appeared in form of daily strips from 20 May to 9 September 1939. [1]


Kriminal Muzak EP (2004)

  1. Follow Up [01:21]
  2. Lieutenant Jones [0:54]
  3. TGV Decoder [02:24]
  4. El Condor Russia [03:12]
  5. Demurgical [01:25]

Other usesEdit

The first Nebular Spool album Exposery credits Kladden vith the visuals.


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