The Beauty Never Lasts
Ugress - Cinematronics
Cinematronics track by Ugress
Released 2004 | [TL]
Genre Electronica
Length 3:53
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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The Beauty Never Lasts [03:53] is an Ugress track, which appeared on Cinematronics. It features Therese Vadem on vocals.

Lyrics Edit

The quite still of this moment
smoke in my eyes,
smoke in your eyes
lovely speeches,
lovely in my dress
You were there,
You were there

Kind of slowly remember you holding me
Trembling, yes
The beauty never lasts with me
cos beauty never lasts, you see

And all the things I'm glad I had but
Oh, so sad to have
The things I left to stay with you,
I should've kept a thing or two

The quite drive of the moment
We faced the skies,
Searching her eyes
fighting like a
night on a clear day
floating away,
fading away

Found a spark in the shade from a show,
But it missed out on life,
And you will have a dance with me
and we will have a laugh, you see

A spring in week lies for me
sweet days of a close deal
and how we punish vanity
and how we punish sanity

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