The Shadow Vault
Compilation album by Shadow Of The Beat
Released January 28th 2008 | [TL]
Genre Dark electronic, Ambient
Length 57:32
Label Uncanny Planet Records
Shadow Of The Beat chronology
The Shadow Vault
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The Shadow Vault is a digital Shadow Of The Beat collection album, featuring 12 previously unreleased or forgotten SotB tracks. It is currently available only via the digital download store.

Track listing Edit

  1. Scared Away [07:18]
  2. Back Of A Cab [05:27]
  3. Chilly [04:38]
  4. Neural Battlefront [06:31]
  5. Underground Biogenetic Facility [03:27]
  6. Intruders [06:58]
  7. Necrotica [04:27]
  8. Nemesis [04:27]
  9. SXYaleetet [02:51]
  10. My When Clones I Am Out Many [02:46]
  11. Wastelands [05:50]
  12. Late Postapocalyptic City Night [02:52]

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