Thingamagoop Boogie
Blog release by GMM
Released October 6th 2007 | [TL]
Genre Boogieish electronica
Length 2:02
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Thingamagoop Boogie [02:02] is a very quick and short track, featuring Gisle's red Thingamagoop. It is by far the only track in the Uncanny canon not being addressed to a specific sideproject; the track's artist is simply "GMM".

Apart from the Thingamagoop, Melodyne and Logic 8 (including Ultrabeat) were all used to create this track.[1]

In January 2008 the Ugress compilation album The B Vault was released, featuring the Thingamagoop Boogie as the 17th track. In this release the track's artist is Ugress.

References Edit

UgressThe B Vault
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