Ugress Website
The front page.
Registration None
Created by Tetsuya Watari, Roger Price and Vincent Corman
Launched May 17th 2001

The Ugress website is the home of Ugress and the former center of operations and news (until the journal was opened).

It was designed by Tetsuya Watari and programmed by Roger Price and Vincent Corman.

Web releases Edit

Ugress has several tracks for free, full quality download on their website. Of these, Swing E Sesso (Remix) [04:13] and Out [04:32] are exclusive and not released on any recent album.

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Many Gisle's minisites are subdomains under the main domain. These are:

Older websites Edit


Ugress wine red and polo green website in 2004.


Ugress short-lived aqua website in 2001.

The Ugress website was formerly wine red and polo green in smallframe. It was updated from a aqua-and-white layout on September 25th 2001. Around March 2005 the site was updated to a wider layout, which slowly evolved to what is the Ugress website today.

The aqua-and-white layout (introduced May 17th 2001) was the shortest-lived layout for the Ugress website so far. Before that, Ugress' "website" was an entry on

Investigation page Edit

The website contains a pseudohidden page, accessible by clicking the grayscale image anywhere on the site on the right navigation bar, between the "Blog" and "Calendar" boxes. The page contains simply the title "Word" and after that one random quote from different movies.

The page is called "Investigation", and it's filename is "secret_key.asp". When accessed via the image, a GET-parameter called hint is set as a random number, undepending on the image. It is not known whether the hint parameter has any effect on the phrase displayed on the page. The page's function in all is also in the dark.

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