Unicorn Countdown was the days left until the third Ugress album Unicorn was released. It started October 20th 2007, when it was exactly 100 days until the Unicorn release on January 28th 2008. One blog post per day was released during this countdown, revealing details and updates of the progress.

From day T-11 and forward, 30-second teaser preview clips of the songs were published every day. The previews utilized the Audio Player Wordpress plugin by Martin Laine, not unlike the Library.

Anomaly posts Edit

Not all days have still been covered, due to busy schedules or just procrastination. Currently T minus days 15 - 18, 20 and 21 haven't been covered.

Days 90, 89 and 88 use a shorter "T-" prefix instead of "T minus". Day 87 is labeled "T substract".

On November 21st Gisle seemed to forget what day it was; the day was T minus 69. Day T-64 was given as "2 ^ 6".

On January 11th Gisle posted a post with the title "T minus behind again". Although this post isn't placed in the "Unicorn Countdown" category, it is about album progress.

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