The Shadow Vault track by Shadow Of The Beat
Released January 28th 2008 | [TL]
Recorded 2002
Genre Electronica
Length 5:50
Label Uncanny Planet Records
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Wastelands [05:50] is a Shadow Of The Beat track from the digital release The Shadow Vault. It was made in 2002, but not released before 2008 as a part of The Shadow Vault. The samples in the first part of this track are taken from the 1994 horror/sci-fi/fantasy movie Frankenstein. The middle part is sampled from the 1999 horror/sci-fi/action movie Beowulf.



You fool, Victor Frankenstein of Geneva, how could you know what you had unleashed? How was it pieced together? Bits of thieves? Bits of murderers? Evil stitched to evil stitched to evil.
Do you really believe this thing, unintelligible, evil will have it's revenge
God help your loved ones.


You're on the edge of control now...
I need you inside of me.

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He's on!

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